Which player made the first quadruple in cricket

Which player made the first quadruple in cricket?

The first quadruple century in cricket was scored by Archie MacLaren in 1895 while playing for Lancashire against Somerset.

History of Quadruple in Cricket

In the history of first-class cricket, a total of eleven instances have been recorded where individual players have scored a remarkable four hundred runs or more. This impressive feat has been accomplished by nine different players, with the first instance dating back to 1895 when Archie MacLaren of Lancashire faced Somerset. The latest occurrence was by Sam Northeast. Notably, in the realm of Test cricket, Brian Lara stands as the sole player to have achieved this remarkable milestone. Lara’s remarkable performance in 1994 resulted in him securing the record for the highest individual score in first-class cricket, an astounding 501 not out.

Adding to the list of exceptional players, Bill Ponsford joins the league with the unique distinction of having secured two quadruple centuries, showcasing his exceptional talent in 1923 and 1927 for the Victoria cricket team. Notably, both of Ponsford’s stellar performances were at the renowned Melbourne Cricket Ground, which, alongside the County Ground in Taunton, shares the distinction of hosting two quadruple centuries. Interestingly, two cricket teams, namely Somerset and Queensland, have faced the formidable challenge of conceding two quadruple centuries.

When examining the timing of these extraordinary performances, Don Bradman’s incredible score of 452 not out is recorded as the swiftest quadruple century, with his innings lasting a mere 415 minutes (equivalent to 6 hours and 55 minutes). On the other hand, the record for the lengthiest Test quadruple century goes to Lara, who dedicated an astonishing 778 minutes (equivalent to 12 hours and 58 minutes) to his exceptional innings. Notably, Bradman’s quadruple century remains unique as the only one achieved in a team’s second batting innings.

Distributing the geographical accomplishments, three of the quadruple centuries were achieved in both Australia and England, while two were secured in Pakistan, with one each in India and Antigua and Barbuda, showcasing the global reach of this remarkable cricketing milestone.

1424 †Archie MacLarenLancashireSomerset1st470Un­knownCounty GroundTauntonEngland15 July 1895[3]
2429 †Bill PonsfordVictoriaTasmania2nd477Un­knownMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourneAustralia2 February 1923[6]
3437 †Bill PonsfordVictoriaQueensland1st621Un­knownMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourneAustralia16 December 1927[7]
4452* †Don BradmanNew South WalesQueensland3rd415465Sydney Cricket GroundSydneyAustralia16 December 1930[9][29]
5443*B. B. NimbalkarMaharashtraKathiawar2nd494Un­knownPoona Club GroundPoona,[m] India16 December 1948[11]
6499 †Hanif MohammadKarachiBahawalpur2nd635Un­knownKarachi Parsi Institute GroundKarachiPakistan8 January 1959[12]
7428Aftab BalochSindBaluchistan2nd584Un­knownNational StadiumKarachiPakistan18 February 1974[14]
8405*Graeme HickWorcestershireSomerset1st555469County GroundTauntonEngland5 May 1988[17]
9501* †Brian LaraWarwickshireDurham2nd474427EdgbastonBirminghamEngland2 June 1994[18]
10400*Brian LaraWest IndiesEngland1st778582Antigua Recreation GroundSt. John’sAntigua and Barbuda10 April 2004[23]
11410*Sam NortheastGlamorganLeicestershire2nd603450Grace RoadLeicesterEngland20 July 2022[26]
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