While April has started a bit more quietly than expected, some major PS5 UK stock updates now look to be on the way.

And console hunters hoping to snag a PlayStation 5 console will want to keep a close eye on Argos and Very over the coming days.

Both retailers have been linked to major PS5 restock events, with other stores expected to follow in April and May.


According to PS5 Stock Alert UK on Twitter, a good source of information that provides pre and post updates for those looking to prep for the next drop, Argos will be among the next UK stores to boast PS5 Stock. Recent activity suggests that the Argos PS5 restock will happen on April 12; however, the news comes with a warning that delays are possible, and console hunters might have to wait until April 15.

A recent message from PS5 Stock Alert suggests there is a glitch currently in place that allows a small group of customers to buy a PlayStation console today. But the full drop has not reportedly started yet, meaning fans will probably have to wait until between 3am and 8am BST on April 12. Very is another UK retailer expected to restock the PS5 in April, and this shipment could be ready to buy on Tuesday, April 12. Console hunters will need to make sure they are ready with their purchasing information at around 9am BST to have a shot at securing a next-gen console.

Other retailers are also expected to drop more PS5 consoles this month, although there is not much-reported information. GAME was linked to an earlier drop, but this has yet to happen, with Amazon the least likely to restock the PlayStation 5 this week. According to PS5 Stock Alert, the upcoming Argos restock will be large in size compared to recent drops, and should contain mostly disc editions. There is currently no word on exactly how many thousands of units will be available, or how long it will take for Argos to send them out.

source : HITC