LIC Merchant Portal

LIC Merchant Portal

In this post we will see about LIC merchants and their scenario. We will provide you link for Merchant LIC login portal also.

LIC Merchant Overview

LIC merchants play a vital role in the local community, serving as convenient counterparts to LIC offices. By offering a wide range of LIC services to local customers, these dedicated professionals ensure accessibility and convenience for all.

With authorized access to the LIC system, these Merchants LIC possess the ability to seamlessly access policy data, process loans, handle surrenders, and provide valuable insights on various information pertaining to LIC services. By leveraging their direct connection to the LIC system, they effortlessly facilitate the fulfillment of customer requests.

Operating as an essential extension of the LIC organization, these merchants serve as ambassadors, bridging the gap between the company and the common people. They diligently work towards spreading awareness about the policies and terms of the company, ensuring that the general public is well-informed and empowered to make informed decisions.

Rest assured, when seeking LIC services within the local area, these trusted merchants are equipped with the necessary expertise and resources to meet the diverse needs of their customers. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction make them an invaluable asset to the LIC community.

LIC Merchant India Login Portal

LIC India Merchant serves as a highly convenient online platform catering to individuals interested in becoming partners for LIC business opportunities. This user-friendly portal offers a seamless enrollment process for aspiring LIC India Agents, who gain exclusive access to the LIC Portal and its array of features, including the LIC India Premium Collection process, LIC Merchant Login, and LIC India CLIA Officer.

Developed by LIC India, the Merchant LIC website serves as a gateway for merchants to easily navigate the comprehensive LIC India premium collection portal. By simply providing essential information such as a username and password, merchants can gain unrestricted access to a wealth of premium solutions and collection services. The primary objective of the LIC Merchant Portal is to streamline premium-related processes, ensuring convenience and efficiency for all stakeholders involved.

The LIC merchant portal boasts a plethora of valuable functionalities, empowering merchants to generate invoices for premium collection, propose invoices with cashiers, update pending invoices, resolve queries related to paid invoices, deposit invoices, make online payments, and view receipts, among other features. This comprehensive suite of tools equips LIC merchants with the necessary resources to effectively manage their premium collections.

In this informative post, we aim to provide a step-by-step guide on how to effortlessly log in and sign up as an LIC merchant on the official website portal. Additionally, we will delve deeper into the world of LIC agents, offering valuable insights to enhance your understanding of this esteemed profession.

Rest assured, with the information and guidance shared here, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on a successful journey as an LIC merchant, leveraging the robust capabilities of the official LIC Merchant Portal.

Types of LIC Merchant Portal

There are two different types of login aystem for an LIC agent. One is for Corporate agent and other is for Individual agent.

Here is the link for Knowing more about Corporate and Individual Corporate Agent & for Individual Agent

Life Insurance Corporation of India has three separate LIC agent portals, a LIC customer portal and a LIC merchant portal to reach all entities involved in the business. A life insurance company provides licensed merchant access to customers and agents to access account information and policy details. This is the way Insurance company works.

LIC Merchant Login Process

Upon going to the above link, one have to follow these steps to login to the merchant account.

Step 1: Visit the LIC merchant portal by provided link above.

Step 2: Select the tab “Merchant Portal” from the homepage, which is a list of options under “Online Services.”

Step 3: Now choose the login option from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Continue by entering the username and password.

Step 5:Then send in the details.

Step 6: Before clicking the submit button, double-check that your login information is right.

What does an LIC Merchant do?

When it comes to insurance, the initial point of contact for most individuals is often through Merchant LIC or LIC agents. These dedicated professionals play a crucial role in assisting people, families, and businesses in selecting insurance policies that offer optimal protection for their lives, health, and valuable assets.

Captive agents refer to protection deals specialists who exclusively represent a single insurance company. On the other hand, independent insurance agents, or brokers, work with multiple insurers to secure the best rates and coverage options for their clients.

Merchant LIC agents diligently maintain records, actively seek out new clients, and provide valuable support to policyholders when it comes to settling insurance claims in the event of a loss. Furthermore, many of these agents are also expanding their services to include financial analysis and advice, helping clients mitigate risks and make informed decisions.

Often referred to as “makers” in the insurance industry, insurance sales specialists specialize in selling one or more types of insurance, such as property and casualty, life, health, disability, and long-term care insurance.

Property and casualty insurance agents specialize in selling policies that protect individuals and businesses from financial losses caused by events like car accidents, fires, theft, storms, and other incidents that can damage property.

For businesses, property and casualty insurance can also provide coverage for workers’ compensation claims, product liability claims, and medical malpractice claims, among others.

By leveraging the expertise of these dedicated professionals, individuals and businesses can secure comprehensive insurance coverage to safeguard against unforeseen risks and protect their financial well-being.

How to become an LIC agent ?


  • Standard 10th pass
  • Age 18 and above

Contact your nearest Branch Office and meet the Development Officer there.

Contact your nearest Branch Office and meet the Development Officer there.

The Branch Manager (I/C) will conduct an interview, and if found suitable, you will be sent to training at Divisional/Agency Training Centre. The training is for 25 hours and covers all aspects of Life Insurance Business.

After successful completion of training you will have to appear for Pre Recruitment examination conducted by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

After successful completion of the examination you will be provided an Appointment Letter and Identity Card to work as an insurance agent. You will be appointed as an agent by the Branch Office and you will be a part of the team under your Development Officer.

Before becoming a LIC Agent, it is better to know little about LIC India

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