How to Type @ in Laptop

The “@” symbol is typically found on the same key as the number 2 on a standard QWERTY keyboard. If you’re looking to add a visual or label to the “@” key, you can use a sticker or a label maker to create a small tag that you can attach to the key. Alternatively, if you want to mark it in a more temporary way, you can use a colored marker or a small piece of colored tape to distinguish the key.

However, keep in mind that writing on the key may not be a good idea if you want to maintain a clean and professional appearance. If you’re looking for a more professional and lasting solution, you could consider using custom keycaps or keyboard decals designed for this purpose.

How to Type @ in Laptop

Typing the “@” symbol on a laptop depends on the keyboard layout you are using. In most cases, you can find the “@” symbol on the same key as the number 2.

The @ symbol is typically typed by pressing the “Shift” key and the “2” key on a US QWERTY keyboard layout. On other keyboard layouts, it may be in a different location, such as the “Alt Gr” + “Q” on an AZERTY layout. If you are using a laptop with a built-in keyboard, the key combination may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Here’s how you can type “@” on a typical QWERTY keyboard:

  1. Locate the key with the number “2” on it.
  2. To type “@,” press and hold the “Shift” key.
  3. While holding down the “Shift” key, press the “2” key.

This combination should input the “@” symbol on your laptop. If you’re using a different keyboard layout, the location of the “@” symbol may vary. In some cases, you may need to use the “Alt Gr” key or other modifier keys depending on your specific keyboard layout. If you provide more information about your laptop model or keyboard layout, I can offer more specific guidance.

How to Type @ in Laptop


if you’re on windows

Hold down the ALT key and press 6 and 4


if you’re on Mac

On US keyboards, hold down the Shift key and press the number 2 key. You will see the @ sign above the number 2. 2. On UK or European keyboards, hold down the Option key (also known as the ALT key) and press the number 2 key

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