How to make money on Instagram

Instagram being one of the most popular social networking site worldwide with 1 billion active users, is no more just the photo sharing sites for showcase, but have became one of the money making platform for lots.

Social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram were initially started as a medium to interact with the people. But later they changed their strategy and allowed users to earn money and hence increase their own revenue. For instance, inspiring by Youtube, Facebook has now allowed the monetization of videos and serves ads on it.

Making money on Instagram is quite different from the above two. For earning from Youtube as an example, you need a PC setup and costly software for editing. You should be good at filming and editing all that requires huge time. But the things are different for Instagrammer.

All you need is just to have good quality smartphone, which I think almost all of you have, or a if possible a pro camera. You can take quality pictures and post it daily and establish yourself as a brand 😎😎😎. Believe me it works.

But the procedure is not as quick as it sounds. Also here ads are not served by instagram, neither paid by it. The whole A to Z process is done by user itself.

The fact that how much you can earn on Instagram depends on the credibility of you and your post. The more valuable you are among followers, the more you will earn. There are lots of people either common or the fame one who are earning millions from instagram and get paid for each post they posted.

Let’s see by how many ways you can make money from Instagram.

Ways of making money on Instagram

There are 3 white collar methods to make money on instagram used by millions. You can make money on instagram as an:

As an influencer

Influencers are earning millions of dollars from Instagram for there just few sponsored posts. Not just big celebs, but those who have even few K amount of followers on their specific niche topic are getting big deals from companies.

If you create Instagram page dedicated to a particular niche, post regularly about that, get good amount of engagement rates, then definitely concerned companies gonna reach out to you for promotion. I have given an example below of a girl doing so.

As an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is not a new concept. Tons of people are earning handsome amount of money from affiliate program, some are even million dollars.

The good part in this as compared to the above one is that you need not to wait for the brands to reach out you. If you just have a follower limit of few hundreds who trust on you, then you will rock.

Affiliate is actually the link of a particular product which you share on your website, on your youtube video description and even on instagram page. If someone buy the product by going through the link, you will get the commission as the earning. Trust is very necessary here. The more your follower trust you, the more chance they will buy on your recommendation.

As an entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur and have your own business, you can use Instagram to promote your business and make deal from there.

For instance, if you are running a restaurant, then you can create an Instagram page of foods and start posting good quality pictures of dishes you deal in. Your food loving followers will buy your product by your given link.

Let’s see in detail about these influencers from Big to small one for which you are here.

Who are Instagram Influencers?

As the word ‘Influencer’ sounds, it’s all about influencing people and making their mind to buy product or services. You see celebrities advertisement on TV and newspapers. Why brands choose these celebrities to advertise.

This is because they influence their fan following. I hope you have understood the word ‘Influencer’ in this context.

There was a time when brands used to spends thousands and even millions on giants billboards and magazines. But with the time, they have dramatically changed the way to advertise.

They now invest more on person rather than static posters. This helps brands to reach particular interest of peoples and get maximum results.

For Instagram, all those people’s or accounts with huge followers and good engagement rate(likes and comments by followers) are coined as Instagram Influencers and these influencers earn money on every sponsored posts they posted on their feed.

To make this article interesting, let’s see some top influencers on Instagram and their earning per posts.

How do Instagram Influencers make money?

If you go through the Instagram account of these influencers, you will notice, they usually upload normal posts regularly like others. But along with these normal posts they upload some sponsored posts of brands too usually 5 to 10 in a month and get paid for each sponsored post.

Not just posts, but these influencers also mention brand names in the caption and do instagram stories takeover of the brand’s account and thus earned this way too.

You have seen some celebrities intentionally show their t-shirts, shoes, watches etc. These  are just normal looking sponsored posts. Take the example of this post of Cristiano Ronaldo.

How to make money on instagram | Christiano Ronaldo

What for you ?

Ya, it’s true that everyone can’t become as popular as Cristiano Ronaldo. But nothing to worry about, the door is open to common people too.

Not being a celebrity, if you have created an Instagram page of your name or of a particular topic and get 20-30k followers with good engagement rates, the brand will reach out to you and ask you to promote their products.

You can become micro influencer. Micro influencers are those who have under million followers.

Take an example of kaitkillebrew who is doing amazing in this sense. She has created an Instagram page dedicated to her ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ love for Disney. Even though she has just 10k followers as of now, she’s already working with brands that are tapping into her niche audience.

If you have built up your audience upto 30k followers with good engagements rate (around 8%), you can earn upto $350 per post. You can charge for—

  • Promoting a giveaway for a brand
  • A mention of brand in the caption
  • An instagram stories takeover of the brand’s account
  • Instagram Stories mentioning the brand.

According to Financial times, if you have an audience of 100,000, you can charge brand about 2700 USD per post.

Let’s see some more example of small influencers who are not big celeb but became big name for brand to promote with them.

Trey Bryant having as of now 48K followers is a trending men’s fashion expert based in Atlanta, Georgia. His sense of high-end American fashion has caught the attention of not just his followers but also the fashion brands that are paying them enough to live like a star.

Trey Brynt

Adam Northwest having just 27K followers as of now is known for posting travel and hiking pictures. Even though Adam may not have a high following, his Instagram account shines by the amount of positive audience sentiment in each post. His engagement has attracted top brands like Lull Mattress, Coleman, and T-Mobile.

adam northwest
Adam Northwest

Mary Sarge known for posting about cooking mothering and similar caring DIYs. Even with less than 20K followers she successfully caught the eyes of sponsors like Kroger, ADT, Ghirardelli, Sam’s Club, and Tom’s.

Mary Sarge

Allen Swan a former basketball player and model is well known expert in men’s fashion and fitness. He use to posts pictures and videos about fittnes training. Even with just little but dedicated followers of 22K he is making partnerships with small scale brands.

Allen Swan
Allen Swan

How to increase your Instagram followers?

If you have already gained huge amount of subscribers on youtube, you can ask your subscribers to follow you on Instagram too. A lot of people have became brand on Instagram just because of youtube. An example is PewDiePie.

If you have lots of friends and followers if Facebook and twitter, you can ask the same from your friends and followers.

If you have your website, then you can give your Instagram page link there and gain followers this way too.

If you are little bit known personality like any public figure or social media star, then create the Instagram page with your real name and face and start posting high quality pictures regularly

If you think that you can’t be popular with your real name and real face, then instead of creating Instagram account of yourself, choose a particular niche topic and dedicate your account to that topic. Post good quality pictures only about that topic. This way you can huge Instagram followers even though your real name is unknown to your followers.

Take an example of this Instagram page. drone_life_tech


This page is fully dedicated to drones. Instead of featuring himself in posts, this page only shows quality pictures of drones and similar connected technologies. This way this page has hit more than 88k crazy drone loving followers. The companies dealing in these gadgets use to reach out this page and ask to promote their similar product in his posts.

There are lots of other examples of people who have created Instagram page are making good handsome money in this way without showing face in posts. Even you can make it try.

As like other medium, making money on Instagram needs patience. With time and continuity you get base-full followers who engage in your posts by commenting and replying. All you need to do is just to take your smart phone and click and post regularly of the best possible pictures you can take. May be of your fashion styles, daily life or of some particular niches as stated above.