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Doha Insurance

Doha Insurance is one of the services provided by the Doha Insurance Group, specializing in personal and business asset protection.

Insurance is a form of risk management used as a boundary to prevent an uncertain loss. It can be said to be a guarantee to be helped in bad times. You can read more about Insurance and its business operation model here.

What is Doha Insurance?

Among the leading national insurance groups in Qatar, Doha Insurance Group (DIG) was incorporated by a group of Qatari business leaders in 1999 and since then it is a key financial service provider in Qatar.

The group is known for offering innovative and quality regional & international insurance, reinsurance, risk management, and IT solutions.

The Doha Insurance Group provides these financial services :

Personal Insurance

  • Car Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Yacht Insurance
  • Individual Medical Insurance

Corporate Insurance

  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Marine Insurance

Doha Insurance FAQs

What is the process to complete the policy steps online, explain it.

First step is to enter your personal and vehicle details, choose a plan/package from our available plans, make the policy payment then your policy will be issued and ready for download.

Why Discount on Renewal is Rolled Back?

The discount is not available currently, but packages are refined and premium decreased with 0 deductible. We guarantee that prices this year are more satisfying and more free services are available.

What is the difference between silver, gold, and platinum packages?

Silver package services: Replacement of vehicle up to 3 days and Road Side Assistance. Gold package services: Replacement of vehicle up to 10 days and Road Side Assistance. Platinum package services: Replacement of vehicle for up to 15 days, Roadside assistance, and agency repair.

Can I transfer my motor insurance policy to be under someone else name?

Yes, you can.

  1. Go to the main office with the other person and transfer it for him .
  2. Write on a paper that you do not mind being your insurance policy under “someone else name”, and write your name and his name then sign down on the paper, also print your QID front and back on a paper and sign it too.

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