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10 Best Home Warranty Companies Of 2022

Read our review of the 10 best home warranty companies to learn about the monthly fees, plan options, service call fees and add-on options you can expect.

Many people’s homes are tailored to their preferences, from the finish of the appliances to the ambient temperature. A home warranty is a kind of home protection plan that allows you to access trusted service providers when your home’s essential built-in systems and appliances break down due to normal wear and tear. It provides convenience and affordability to homeowners who’d prefer to hire a professional for their home’s repairs.

Our survey of 1,000 homeowners indicated that nearly 70% of respondents were very satisfied with their home warranty coverage, while fewer than 4% found themselves dissatisfied. Our team thoroughly researched dozens of home warranty providers and developed a review methodology to arrive at the best home warranty companies in the country to help you find the right plan for your home. Continue reading to dive into what the typical plan covers, the standard monthly costs and critical features to note about each home warranty provider. The 10 Best Home Warranty Companies

Review the top 10 home warranty providers to choose the one best for your needs:

Note that all pricing examples in this article are based on sample quotes we obtained for homes in Raleigh, N.C.American Home Shield

American Home Shield (AHS) stands out for covering unknown preexisting conditions, a rarity in the home warranty industry. A preexisting condition must be undetectable through a visual inspection or by turning the covered item on and off for you to be eligible for coverage. We also consider AHS a good choice for homeowners particularly concerned with the unknown due to its comprehensive coverage, including the lack of coverage caps for built-in systems and up to $6,000 per appliance with ShieldPlatinum. What We Like and Don’t Like

Here are a few key factors we like and don’t like about AHS:

✅ Offers The Electronics Protection Plan, which covers TVs, desktops/laptops, tablets, printers, home theater systems, smart-home products, headphones and video game consoles

✅ Higher-than-average coverage caps, including no limit on built-in systems and up to $6,000 for appliances with the ShieldPlatinum plan

❌ Limited add-on options compared to other providers

❌ Workmanship guarantee is limited to 30 days

If you’re looking for a home warranty provider to cover unknown preexisting conditions, call 844-529-9298 or fill out American Home Shield’s quote form.Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty simplifies the home warranty shopping experience by offering two combination plans. Both plans cover a mix of built-in systems and major appliances, including your plumbing system, heating system, garbage disposal and cooktop. Choice also stands out for having a user-friendly smartphone app, on which homeowners can file claims, review plan terms and communicate with technicians for scheduling. 

It’s important to mention that Choice Home Warranty is involved in a class-action lawsuit in Arizona. When we reached out for comment, a company representative told us, “We continue to focus on providing best-in-class service to each customer through a knowledgeable, dedicated team and excellent technicians.” To confirm Choice’s coverage terms meet your needs, we recommend reviewing the service contract and speaking with a customer service representative directly for any questions.What We Like and Don’t Like

Keep these pros and cons in mind when considering Choice Home Warranty (CHW):

✅ Plans for less than $55 a month

✅ Customers can skip the initial 30-day waiting period if they can present proof of previous coverage from a different provider

❌ Class-action lawsuit not yet resolved

❌ Service call fee is not flexible

If you’re looking for the best smartphone app, call 929-400-6165 or fill out Choice Home Warranty’s quote form.America’s 1st Choice Home Club

America’s 1st Choice Home Club (AFC Home Club) is our pick for added assurance because its plans offer a bit more flexibility and peace of mind than the conventional home warranty plan. In addition to its coverage for major systems and home appliances and the plan-length workmanship guarantee, AFC Home Club offers club benefits, such as a free MoneyTips account, which includes free credit monitoring and identity protection alerts. What We Like and Don’t Like

Review the pros and cons of AFC Home Club:

✅ Workmanship guarantee is valid for the entire length of the plan, which can be one or three years

✅ Customers have access to additional benefits such as free credit alert monitoring, identity theft protection and discounts on replacement parts

❌ You must file claims within 24 hours of noticing an issue, or the company may not cover it

❌ $75 cancellation fee is higher than typical

If you’re looking for the best home warranty company for added assurance, call 877-755-1115 or fill out AFC Home Club’s quote form.Liberty Home Guard

Liberty Home Guard (LHG) stands out against other providers due to its long list of unique add-on coverage options. For this reason, we recommend LHG for any homeowner with technology or home appliance needs outside the normal realm of home warranty coverage. LHG’s additional coverage options extend to a variety of items, including reverse osmosis, lawn sprinklers and central vacuum systems.What We Like and Don’t Like

Keep these positive and negative attributes in mind when considering Liberty Home Guard:

✅ Live-chat customer service feature is built into the website for easy communication with representatives

✅ More than 35 unique add-on options, including gutter cleaning, window cleaning and pro-series appliances

❌ Plans priced higher than many of its competitors

❌ Variable service call fee is not made clear during the quote process

If you’re looking for the best home warranty provider for high-tech homes, call 866-452-9107 or fill out Liberty Home Guard’s quote form.Cinch Home Services

Cinch Home Services was founded in 1978, making it one of the few home warranty companies that can compete with American Home Shield’s decades-long legacy of service. Cinch’s base plans cover the typical suite of major appliances and home systems, such as your water heater, electrical system and laundry appliances. In addition, its Complete Home Plan has the rare benefit of a $500 allowance toward your homeowners insurance deductible if you need to file an insurance claim during your home warranty plan’s term. What We Like and Don’t Like

Compare a few pros and cons of Cinch Home Services: 

✅ Covers rust and corrosion

✅ Free water sensor and $25 credit for air conditioning or water filter with every plan tier

❌ Does not offer roof-leak coverage

❌ Service call fees are higher than some competitors

If you’re looking for the best home warranty company for supplementing home insurance, call 844-979-0899 or fill out Cinch Home Services’ quote form.First American Home Warranty

We consider First American Home Warranty best for home cooks due to its $36 appliances plan. While Priority Home Warranty offers a comparably priced plan for home appliances, First American’s policy ultimately covers more items, including garbage disposals, built-in trash compactors and refrigerators. First American also offers a First Class Upgrade. This package expands the policy’s coverage limits to include plumbing fixtures, toilets, heating registers, HVAC filters, garage door opener hinges and remote transmitters, and additional ductwork components, such as registers and grills. What We Like and Don’t Like

Weigh a few of the pros and cons for First American Home Warranty: 

✅ First Class Upgrade expands coverage to include central air conditioning, improper installations and code upgrades

✅ No coverage caps for HVAC

❌ Air conditioning isn’t included in any of the base plans

❌ Limited nationwide availability (only available in 35 states)

If you’re looking for the best home warranty for home cooks, call 800-891-9778 or fill out First American Home Warranty’s quote form.Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty stands out for its affordable plan prices that become even more affordable when you pay for your policy upfront. If you choose to opt out of monthly payments in favor of paying a lump sum for your premiums, you can save up to $100 a year. Hese savings, plus the two free months that Select provides, are among the best annual deals in the home warranty space. All of Select’s plans include free roof-leak coverage.What We Like and Don’t Like

Review the pros and cons of Select Home Warranty: 

✅ Claim response time in 12 business hours or less

✅ Roof-leak coverage up to $400 is included with all plans

❌ HVAC coverage is limited to $2,000, appliances are limited to $500 and add-ons are limited to $400

❌ You may be charged more than one service call fee per visit if more than one covered item requires repair

If you’re looking for the best annual discounts, call 888-370-3956 or fill out Select’s quote form.Complete Care Home Warranty

Do you own a home that may require frequent repairs? Complete Care Home Warranty’s $49 service call fee is more affordable than any other provider on this list. Compared to the industry average of $77.13, Complete Care’s service call fee is roughly $28 lower. This provider will also cover all completed repairs for up to three months from the service date, and its plans don’t exceed the $50-per-month price point. What We Like and Don’t Like

Review a few key pros and cons about Complete Care Home Warranty: 

✅ $49 service call fee is significantly lower than competitors

✅ 90-day workmanship guarantee for parts

❌ Add-on options vary significantly from quote to quote

❌ Received a cease and desist in 2021 for operating in California without adequate state licensure

If you’re looking for the best home warranty company for frequent repairs, fill out Complete Care Home Warranty’s quote form.HomeServe

HomeServe operates differently than some of the other home warranty companies featured on this list. For example, while other providers offer the typical two, three or four plan options, HomeServe’s suite of coverage plans includes up to 20 options. 

The number of plan options you’ll see on your quote form will vary depending on the location and the utility provider that services your home. Still, this home warranty provider allows homeowners increased flexibility to cover exterior items, such as exterior plumbing, which home warranties typically exclude. If that’s not what you’re looking for, HomeServe also offers comprehensive coverage options for the typical major systems and appliances.What We Like and Don’t Like

A balanced perspective is essential for any home warranty decision. Consider the following pros and cons when shopping for a HomeServe policy: 

✅ Highly specialized plans allow homeowners to cover more exterior utility lines than the typical home warranty policy

✅ Plans are tailored to you based on your ZIP code and utility provider

❌ Doesn’t always offer combination plans for the traditional home warranty items

❌ Can’t choose your own contractor

If you’re looking for the best home warranty provider for uncommonly covered items, call 833-785-1504 or fill out HomeServe’s quick form.Priority Home Warranty

While it has become an industry standard for home warranty companies to offer the convenience of an online portal, not all online portals are equally helpful. For example, some home warranty providers consider an email form an online portal, but Priority Home Warranty’s online portal goes the extra mile by displaying live claims tracking information. This convenient feature allows you to check on the status of your claim from the moment it’s filed until the second it’s approved and a technician is dispatched.What We Like and Don’t Like

Consider the positives and negatives of Priority Home Warranty before making a decision:

✅ Affordably priced plans for less than $50 a month and the service call fee is only $70

✅ Live tracking allows homeowners to see the current status of any claims filed

❌ $50 cancellation fee

❌ Received a cease and desist order from the California Department of Insurance for insufficient state licensure

If you’re looking for the best home warranty company for live claims tracking, call 954-228-2343 or fill out Priority Home Warranty’s quote form.Making Your Decision

It’s important to carefully review any home warranty provider you may be interested in as they all vary slightly in their service contracts’ fine print. One of the best ways to avoid potential exclusions and denied claims is to review and compare each provider’s sample contract thoroughly. They’re often easily accessible on each company’s website. 

If you’re a first-time homebuyer closing on an older house, you may appreciate American Home Shield’s coverage for unknown preexisting conditions, comprehensive plan options and generous coverage limits. If customizable pricing is a priority for you, AHS, AFC Home Club and Cinch Home Services all offer some form of flexible service call fee. 

If you fear frequent repairs in your home’s future, Complete Care Home Warranty’s low service call fee of $49 may be an appealing option. If you want the convenience of a smartphone app or live claims tracking, you may prefer Choice Home Warranty or Priority Home Warranty. If you have a specific focus on coverage for your home’s exterior utility lines, HomeServe’s partnership with local utility companies may be a good fit for your needs. If the typical optional coverage offerings of the other providers don’t meet your needs, Liberty Home Guard’s 38 add-ons may suit you. 

In any case, we recommend requesting quotes from at least three providers so that you can confirm you are making an educated choice for your home warranty coverage.Compare the Top Home Warranty Companies

Compare the best home warranty companies across the country in the table below.Are Home Warranties Worth the Cost?

Home warranties are a good choice for homeowners whose appliances and built-in systems have exceeded their manufacturer’s warranty but aren’t yet old enough to be replaced entirely. When we surveyed 1,000 homeowners, we asked them for their overall opinion of the home warranty industry. More than half of the respondents indicated that home warranties were worth the money they paid for the peace of mind. 

Additionally, our research across the home warranty industry gleaned that the average monthly fees range from roughly $39 to $63 a month, which is a small price to pay compared to the cost of big-ticket home repairs.What Are the Advantages of a Home Warranty?

Purchasing a home warranty can give you access to certain advantages you otherwise wouldn’t have:Saving time and money on your home repairsSupplementing your homeowners insurance policy by covering essential items outside perilous eventsConveniently scheduling with trusted service providers who are knowledgeable about your covered item’s unique needsHaving peace of mind that you know what to do next time a built-in system or appliance breaks down due to normal wear and tearHome Warranty FAQs

After you enroll in your home warranty policy, you will usually have to wait at least 30 days before you can file your first claim. While we recommend that you read the sample contract of each provider you’re interested in, the expectation is that all covered items are kept in proper working order and maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

If you notice an issue with one of your covered items, you can file a claim and schedule a diagnostics call with a service technician to determine if the issue results from a covered scenario. If your claim is approved, most service providers will schedule a second service call after parts have been ordered. 

It’s essential to look at the whole picture of a home warranty company before deciding. Our review standards include factors such as the brand’s reputation among real-life consumers, the number of plan options, average plan pricing, coverage limits, the quality and technology of customer service and the uniqueness of each company’s add-on coverage options. 

A reputable home warranty company will have a responsive customer service team and a transparent sample contract you can review before making any commitments.

Our research of 39 home warranty providers revealed that the average service call fee falls between $65 and $76. The average monthly fees fall between $39 and $63. You can expect to pay about $500 annually for a more affordably priced home warranty policy and as much as $900 annually for the most comprehensive plan options on the market, excluding add-on coverage. 

A $500 annual policy breaks down to roughly $41 a month, while a $900 policy comes to $75 a month. 

Home warranty companies often offer additional coverage for well pumps, septic tanks, sump pumps, water heaters and in-ground pools and spas. While it’s less common for pest control to be covered, Liberty Home Guard offers more add-ons than any of its competitors. 

A workmanship guarantee is a warranty on the parts and/or labor of a completed repair. If the repair fails within a given period, the service provider will return to reservice the covered item at no additional cost.

Yes, it’s common to transfer home warranties upon the sale of a home. Our survey indicated that roughly 25% of respondents had purchased a home warranty when they bought their new home. In some cases, sellers may even include a home warranty for additional peace of mind. How We Rated the Best Home Warranty Companies

We researched and requested personalized quotes from 39 home warranty providers, calculated average prices, and compared the commonly covered items in the industry. We analyzed thousands of customer reviews across multiple review aggregators, including Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Better Business Bureau (BBB). We also listened to several hours of customer service calls to determine customers’ most significant pain points and what features are most important to them. 

Based on this research, we divided our review process into six primary categories: Available plansBase plan coveragePrice rangeBrand reputationCustomer support and technologyBonus features

Our overall assessment and recommendations for the best home warranty providers are based on these categories and related factors for each.